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Negative Pressure Instrument Frequently Asked Questions

Suction Chamber

              What is the suction chamber?               

               Can the blister formation be observed?

               Is the blister formation procedure painful?

               What attaches the suction chamber to the patient's skin?

               Are differently designed  suction chambers available?

               Do I have to use all the chambers simultaneously?

               What is the warm up time for a chamber?

Orifice Plates

              What are orifice plates?

               What are the differences in the orifice plate letters?

               How many holes can be in one orifice plate? 

               How many blisters can be made in one session?

               Is there a problem making many blisters in one session?

               Can I make my own orifice plates?

Custom Templates

               What are Custom Templates?

               Why are they used ?

               Can they be used with the standard orifice plates?

               How much difference in sizes is recommended?

               How are the cells constructed in the Custom template?

               How can the tops of the templates be closed?

               How are the templates attached to the patient?


               What is the temperature of the orifice plate?

               What controls the orifice plate temperature?

               Do I have to recalibrate the instrument temperature?

               Is a calibration kit available?

Vacuum System

               What creates the vacuum?
               Is the vacuum adjustable?

               We have a vacuum system in our facility, can it be used?

Electrical System

               What are the electrical requirements?
               Do I need a transformer for foreign operation?

               What electrical tests are performed to assure safety?

               Do I need a 'Hospital Grade' power cable? 

Ordering / Delivery

               Will the Negative Pressure Instrument work overseas?

               How soon can the unit be shipped?

               Do you accept purchase orders?

               How do you ship the unit?

               Will you accept funds transfer?

Other Information

               Is this instrument approved?

               Who uses this instrument?

               What if I have problems with the unit?

               What is the warranty?

               What about out of warranty repairs?

               What else should I know about Electronic Diversities?