Vacuum System

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What creates the vacuum?

The vacuum is created by a small internal vacuum pump.  This is a diaphragm type pump that is typically  maintenance free.  The vacuum system can achieve a minimum of  508mmHg/ 20 inHg of vacuum provided there are no serious leaks in the suction chambers.

Is the vacuum adjustable?

The vacuum is adjustable from zero to the typical full value of 508mmHg / 20 inHg by a front panel control.  The system vacuum is indicated on a gauge.  All connected chambers will have the same vacuum.

We have a vacuum system in our facility, can it be used?

If the system can produce at least 508mmHg / 20inHg of vacuum at an adequate flow rate, the instruments can be ordered with the external vacuum option.  This provides a vacuum fitting for the external vacuum so  either the internal vacuum pump or the external vacuum can be used.. Instrument controls and operation are the same for either vacuum source.

Useful Information!

Vacuum Conversions…..   

            inches of Mercury to mm of Mercury               inHg X 25.4 = mmHg

            mm of Mercury to inches of Mercury               mmHg x 0.039369 = inH

            inches of Mercury to kilopascal                         inHg X 3.368388 = kPa

            mm of Mercury to kilopascal                             mmHg x 0.133323 = kPa

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