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What is the temperature of the orifice plate?

During production, the NP-2,4 instruments are calibrated to a nominal orifice plate temperature of 40C /104F unless otherwise requested.

What controls the orifice plate temperature?

The orifice plate  temperature is directly related to the environmental temperature within the chamber.  This temperature is monitored and adjusted by a proprietary analog controller. The chamber temperature is raised by cycling the low voltage incandescent heater-lamp assembly on and off.  This scheme allows the easy exchanging of various orifice plates without the complication of an attached temperature sensor.

Do I have to recalibrate the instrument temperature?

No, recalibration of the instrument is normally not required unless a repair is made to the temperature control system if you need a different temperature.  It seems that the temperature is not a critical factor in successful blister formation.  40C  seems optimal and appears to work well for most all applications.

Do you offer a temperature calibration kit?

No, but we could produce a calibration kit if there was sufficient demand.  With a little creativity, the chamber temperature can be measured for adjustment purposes in most clinical environments by attaching the probe of a thermometer to the plate with tape and insulating the chamber area with Styrofoam to minimize heat loss.

Is the chamber temperature adjustable?

Yes, but to do it involves removing the instrument from its cabinet, attaching a temperature monitor to the chambers and adjusting the individual chamber controls.  Electrical safety tests must be performed after  reassembly to assure product safety.  The procedure is not recommended except in unusual applications  and to be performed by qualified personnel.

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