Electrical System

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What are the electrical requirements?
All models of the Negative Pressure Instrument operate on 120 VAC  50/60 Hz. The maximum current draw of the unit is 5A (600W) under maximum vacuum and all chambers operating.

What do I for foreign operation?

Generally, you will need a transformer because many non overseas locations use 240 VAC as their normal power.  We offer a step-down transformer, but,  it may be preferable to obtain one locally due to the shipping weight.  Additionally,  since many overseas locations use 50Hz power line frequency, the maximum vacuum is slightly reduced.

What electrical tests are preformed to assure safety?

The electrical components are assembled into a grounded metal cabinet.  The transformer isolated low voltage heating and control circuit,  which are normally not in patient or operator contact are the only electrical connections that are outside of the enclosure.  At several stages of production, and prior to shipping,  each unit is tested for electrical ground integrity as well as acceptable electrical leakage to exposed components in accordance with applicable standards.  It is imperative to insure continued safety that a proper power cable be used and that the power circuit and related cables have the adequate capacity and that the grounding circuit is intact.

Do I need a 'Hospital Grade Power Cable'?.

If your safety or engineering departments require a Hospital Grade Cord, then you can order it as an option, otherwise, it is not needed for most applications.

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