You just received a Seaflasher, hooked it up and it doesn't work.

First,  don't panic!  The Seaflasher is a simple product and usually the solution is also simple.

Be sure you are using a cassette player, and not a tape deck! Many decks do not have adequate signal output to operate the Seaflasher.  The supplied  power adapter provides 6 or 12 VOLTS AC, depending on the age of the Seaflasher, NOT DC!  DC WILL NOT WORK!  Make sure that the power adapter and cable are not damaged and that the adapter is plugged into an operating outlet with its cable plugged into the lower jack on the Seaflasher. Make sure that  the audio cable is not damaged  and that it is plugged into the earphone jack on the tape player, and the upper jack on the Seaflasher. Insert the Seaflasher code tape into the tape player, place in PLAY mode, and adjust the volume.

Still no flash! Try these tips

Rarely, the lamp in the Seaflasher loosens during shipping or becomes defective.  If it requires replacement, most any common 12 volt (6 volt on older units) lamp that fits the socket will work.  Check at the Radio Shack, or auto supply stores. The only difference will be in the brightness.  Unplug the audio cable from the tape player and make sure you can hear the code signal in the player's speaker. Try an earphone in the earphone jack and make sure the code signal can also be heard. If the signal is not heard, the cassette player may need repair.  If the cassette unit you are using is a stereo unit, this may be the problem!  The Seaflasher is a monaural device, and it uses a 2 conductor plug for the audio. A stereo player uses a 3 conductor audio plug.  Most small inexpensive cassette units are monaural and the supplied cable works fine.  Check at Radio Shack for an adapter, part number 123-456. This should solve the problem since it converts the 3 conductor stereo circuit to a 2 conductor monaural circuit!  Also, you can try the Seaflasher in the earphone jack of a non-stereo radio, or a stereo with the above adapter!  The flashing will be erratic and follow the speech  That's a quick test that will help isolate the problem.

Help! I Give Up!!!

E-mail or give us a call! We're usually available 9-5  EST Mon to Fri.  If not leave a message and we'll try to talk you through the problem.  Worse case, you'll have to return it for prompt service or replacement from your supplier.


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