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Are you ready?

Are you ready for the U.S. Coast Guard test to upgrade or certify your MM&P license.  With the Seaflasher System, you chance of passing the test is really great. The Seaflasher unit translates the Morse code signals, from custom recorded cassette code tapes into a flashing light signal, similar to a semaphore signal.  This is important since the U.S. Coast Guard still uses the semaphore light in it's tests.  Why practice any way other than the way that will lead to success?   Ask almost 2000 students  that have used the Seaflasher System worldwide. A quick connection to a cassette tape player, plug in the power adapter, pop in a Seaflasher Code Tape, look at the study guide and you are on the way to success. We are proud to be the company that was chosen to be the exclusive designer and producer of the Seaflasher. 

Unfortunately, we can not sell it to you! You see, under our agreement with the originators of the Seaflasher, MITAGS in Linthicum Maryland (USA), is the authorized Seaflasher retailer.  They have the Seaflasher Code Tapes, the Seaflasher Units and everything else you might need.  Besides that, they are a great bunch of people to deal with!  Just click the link below to send them a request by e-mail, visit their website or call them at 410-859-5700 and ask for the mate at the Ship's Store. 

Having a problem with your Seaflasher? Check these tips!

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