DTSO series

Strap-On Digital Thermometer

Here's the quick solution to a difficult problem. . . . .

A pipe temperature must be monitored with reasonable accuracy. There's no fitting or

thermometer well installed. 

If you don't want to drain, drill and weld a thermometer, here's the answer!

Use our digital strap-on thermometer!

Just strap the thermometer to the pipe exterior, install or replace the insulation and then read the temperature. Hundreds are in use and the time and money they have saved is enormous.

The DTSO is available with a standard #32 (1 9/16"--2 1/2") stainless clamp but If you need different size clamps, just contact us!

The instrument will read either C or F temperatures in the range of -58 to 302F (-50 - 150C)

The DTS0 is powered by an easily obtainable single type LR44 battery.

Remote reading adaptations, modified clamps and other possibilities are available,  Since this is a product we manufacture, we can modify to  fit your application!

Current Price $73.00 ea. & S/H Typical delivery from stock on small quantities

Additional clamps. Adaptations...Please contact us at  sales@electdiv.com

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