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If you have difficulty turning the vacuum adjustment on any instrument, remember that there is a locking collar (red ring) behind the adjustment knob that can be used to lock the setting.  It may have been engaged. Simply push it back to unlock it.

If you are doing a study that does not require heated chambers, the NP-2 and NP-4 instruments can still be used.  Either order vacuum only chambers, or use the standard chambers without the electrical connection plugged into the console. Additionally, Vacuum only suction chambers are available for use on other vacuum sources.

Occasionally a chamber might have a small vacuum leak at the orifice plate seal. After cleaning the seal and mating surfaces apply a light coat of  a lubricant gel, like petrolatum or K-Y to allow the vacuum seal to better seat.

If you have a Negative Pressure Instrument that does not have an External Vacuum Option, it can still be installed!  Contact us for the details and current pricing.

When using a Custom Template, if a better seal between the template and skin surface is desired, consider using a thin layer of dental adhesive, like Poly-Grip between the template and the skin.

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