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Instrument Updates and Changes

Temperature Controls

In mid 2002 the solid state integrated temperature control circuit, used from about 1995, became obsolete.  A new controller has been designed, which replaces the previous unit. Controller replacement requires that the chamber sensors be replaced to be compatible with the new design.  All instruments since mid 2002 have used the new controller and there are no significant operational differences between the two controllers

Instrument  Shutdown 

Under some circumstances the instrument vacuum pump can overheat and shut down on internal safety because of a production change in the vacuum pump.  After cooling, the pump will restart.   This is a sporadic problem that may affect various models produced over a span of several years, but most instruments are not affected. If you experience this problem, or are sending the unit to us for other repairs,  we will upgrade the unit by installing a cooling fan. There is no cost for this upgrade other than the shipping costs.  All new units  produced since mid 2003 have the cooling fan installed and are not affected.

We are considering compiling a database of Negative Pressure Instrument users, and request that you take a moment to contact us. 

Often  the original purchaser has moved and other staff uses the instrument and our records are incomplete.  Since some potential purchasers  have medically technical questions that we cannot answer, they often ask for referrals to previous customers.   

We would like to know what research experience and success you have regarding the Negative Pressure Instrument,  your contact information, and  if you are interested in being listed on a future referral list.


We encourage suggestions that improve our products or  add features that will increase capabilities or applications.  If a product improvement results from your suggestion, we may offer you the upgrade or change to your instrument at no cost to you!

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User Tips

User Tips

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