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Product Design

If you have a problem that may use electrical, electronic or mechanical products as part of the solution, we are the answer people.  Over the last 30 plus years we have developed solutions for a wide range of problems.

Some solutions are one of a kind while others go into production by us, or our client.  If you need a prototype or model for patent or evaluation purposes you can be assured that we will respect the confidentiality of your idea and will agree to most non-disclosure agreements.


Finding The Hard-To Find Parts

Just because you can't find a repair part or a replacement item doesn't mean we can't!  Our extensive experience and resources often allows us to find those elusive items.  We have a wide spectrum of resources that may enable us to locate the part or a suitable replacement. Give us the opportunity to help with your hard-to-find parts.  We may be able to make one of your 'bad days' better!  Just give us your problem, you'll be surprised at the time and money we can save you.

Equipment Repair

With today's rapidly changing industrial market many products become obsolete long before the end of their practical life.  In some cases, the manufacturer will not make parts available for repairs and the parts are not available from ordinary sources.  Don't panic!  Just contact us.    We may be able to repair your old parts, fabricate a replacement  or redesign the product to use something that is available.  Our track record is excellent and our results are very cost effective!

  •   Industrial control systems

  •   Stage and theatre lighting repairs

  •   Sound system design and installation

  •   Industrial machine repairs

  •   Alarm and signal system design and fabrication

  •   Prototype design and development

  •   Small production run of electromechanical assemblies

  •   Product assembly and testing

  •   Complete shop and field service facilities